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Royes Family International, Inc. is a family organization that has its roots in the Royes family established in St. Ann, Jamaica in the 1800’s. The organization has more than 300 members spread around the world. Our first family reunion was hosted in 1995 and today we are proud to be planning our 15th global reunion. 


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Our Mission


To construct the family tree so that there will be a global vehicle of knowledge, pride and interaction for each family member.


To create stronger and better communication bridges between the family members residing in different countries around the world.


To develop a grassroots effort that will result in new economic and social opportunities for all family members.  



We would like to extend a special thanks to Tricia Royes de Jong, who for the last 20 plus years  made sure the Royes Family International stay connected. Content included on this website would not have been possible without her resources, dedication and hard work.


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From One Root, Many Branches