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Why you need to pay your family dues…

The Royes Family International on June 24, 2016 - 21:18 in Family news, Family pledge, This & that

Those of you who attended the 2015 Family Reunion will recall that we voted to change the family dues from US$25.00 per household to US$10.00 per adult. Many of us have not been paying our dues for various reasons, and as a result the family ‘coffers’ are quite bare.

iur-3Organisations need money to survive and thrive. Your dues are required to maintain our website, to maintain our bank account, to pay for which we use for our family tree, and take care of other operational costs.

We are also trying to establish a financial base to enable the organization to be in a position to do some charitable work within the family, to support our adopted school (York Castle Primary) and act on other worthwhile ideas and suggestions coming from family members.

Please put Royes Family International on your gift list or add us to your budget – it is only US$10.00!

You can pay via the PayPal quick link on the website, give it to your Regional Representative in cash, mail a check, take your pick, just pay it!


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