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What is the family pledge for?

The Royes Family International on October 19, 2014 - 20:52 in Family news, Family pledge

Your 2014 annual family pledge is sorely needed, so please pay your family dues today!  A US$25.00 pledge amount is due annually from each Royes household.

What do we use your pledges for?  Simply put, we use your pledges to keep the family together!  This means among other things, using the monies to  host and maintain our website, bank account and other administrative necessities.  We also use the money for other expenses like cards or flowers in case of bereavement, payment of some family reunion expenses, etc.

You may pay your household pledge:

  • directly to your regional representative
  • online (through PayPal via
  • by sending a check to: Carol Royes-Campbell, Royes Family International, PO Box 741484, Boynton Beach, Florida, FL 33437

Thank you in advance for the timely submission of your pledges!


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