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Royes reunion 2017 recap!

The Royes Family International on August 11, 2017 - 19:43 in Education, Family news, Fun & games, Reunion 2017, Reunions, This & that

Did you miss the Royes family reunion in Orlando last month?  If so, you missed what by all accounts was one of the best family reunions yet!  If you were there, then you spent a wonderful weekend with almost 200 of your closest family members and friends.

Royes Family Reunion # 11 was held Thursday 7/27/2017 through Sunday 7/30/2017 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.  The reunion theme was “Bridging the Generations” and in keeping with the theme, there was a concerted effort to involve all generations of the family, and in particular the younger family members.

Here’s a recap of the reunion:

THURSDAY 7/27/2017

The experiment with early registration went well.  More than 120 family members registered prior to the Thursday night meet-and-greet event.  As a result, the meet-and-greet event went smoothly with the focus on meeting and greeting instead of registration.

After a southern-style buffet dinner, the reunion started out with a huge “Happy Reunion” cheer from everyone in the ballroom.  Casey introduced the reunion planning committee and Adrianne explained the reunion itinerary.

The meet-and-greet got into full gear with Royes family bingo.  Family members had to fill-up a bingo card with the names of other family members who had certain traits and experiences.  Can you believe that there was someone who had been skydiving and several children who hadn’t brushed their teeth that morning?  The meet-and-greet was wonderful and everyone went to bed that night looking forward to the upcoming weekend.


FRIDAY 7/28/2017 (Daytime)

After breakfast, we all boarded the buses for our family fun day at the park.  There were sports, events and games for everyone at the park.  Everyone was divided into five teams (red, blue, yellow, orange and green) and the competition started immediately.

The strong and athletic competed in ultimate Frisbee, the soccer-penalty shootout, volleyball and football, to name a few.  While the smart and pretty competed in dominoes, Uno, bingo and the trivia battle.  There was plenty of music, lots of good food, several raffles and even a bounce house for the kids.

Not even the rain could put a dampener on fun day because the dance contests started as soon as the rain showers came.  Boy, does the Royes family love to dance!  There were almost too many contestants in the dance contests.  The “over-50 dance contest” was won by Joy and Paulet, the “25-to-50 dance contest” was won by Andre, and the “kid’s dance contest” was won by Kimora and Inaya.

All the events at family fun day generated points for the teams.  Big congratulations to the red team who won the overall family fun day challenge!

Lots of photos on Google Photos!


FRIDAY 7/28/2017 (Evening)

Dinner in the ballroom on Friday night was an Italian buffet.  It was followed by a talent and fashion show of epic proportions.  More than 30 family members participated in the show.

Hosted by Carol, the talent portion of the show was a riot.  Joy and her daughters Brittany and Taylor had an epic lip sync battle.  Cora, Inaya and Kimora had a wonderfully improvised dance.  There was also Michelle singing, Sydney dancing, Brandon playing his guitar, and Lynette’s Miss Lou, just to name a few.  The Royes family’s talent was on full display during Friday night.

Hosted by Tarsha, the fashion show portion of the event was incredible.  Wesley’s “dapper don” look may have been the star of the show.  However, Griffin’s “Usain Bolt” look and Eula’s African fashion were ones to remember.  Adam, Jensy and Tahzh shone in their Next Gen looks, Alyssa, Inaya, Jayson, Lauren, Marley, Mia, Nia and Paige modeled school-age fashion, and Marcia, Evadney, Cherry and Leila worked the runway with their adult fashion.

Friday night also included a beautiful portion of the program where all children under 18 were paired up with an adult.  Each adult charged the child they were paired with to uphold Royes family values and each child, in turn, accepted the charge.  The children also took “selfie” pictures with their tables and posted them online.  If you have not yet seen the pictures, you definitely need to visit the Royes Facebook group and the Royes Google Photos accounts to see the pictures!

If you have any more photos, please don’t hesitate to add them to the Google photos album!


SATURDAY 7/29/2017 (Daytime)

Royes business was handled on Saturday morning in our usual spirited business meeting.  The executive board gave their biennial report, which included a financial report, communications report, and other reports detailing the Royes business.

The new board was elected during our business meeting, and includes:

  • Chris Patterson – President
  • Carol Smith-Royes – Vice-President
  • Tarsha Luke – General Secretary
  • Carol Campbell – Treasurer
  • Tricia Royes de Jong – Communications/Correspondence Secretary
  • André Royes – Caribbean Lead
  • Suzette Maylor – Southern USA Lead
  • Amanda Fox – Northeastern USA Lead
  • Bethany Clarkson-Morgan – Western USA Lead
  • Jensy Barrett – Central/South America Lead
  • Michelle Hanniford – Europe/Asia/Australia Lead

The family also voted to amend the family organization’s by-laws to change the scholarship committee to an education committee, to require the reunion planning committee to issue monthly written financial reports to the executive board, and to define the immediate past president position.  The Caribbean region was voted as the location of the next reunion.

The youth committee (Next Gen) met on Saturday right after the business meeting.  Their meeting included introductions and ice-breakers.  Next Gen also introduced a WhatsApp communications group.  Information regarding the WhatsApp group will be sent out to Next Gen family members soon.

The elected officers of Next Gen are:

  • Chris Maylor – President
  • Adam Simmons – Vice-President
  • Nakiya Royes – Secretary
  • Bryan Johnson – Events Coordinator
  • Jensy Barrett – Central/South America Outreach

During the downtime on Saturday, many family members spent the day at the DoubleTree pools, went shopping at one of the many outlet malls, visited the famous Orlando amusement parks, or simply just got to know their family a little better.


SATURDAY 7/29/2017 (Evening)

The grand event of the reunion was the Saturday night gala.  The ballroom was beautifully decorated, the music exquisite, and the Royes family dressed up wonderfully in their suits and gowns.  Professional pictures were taken in the reception area before family and friends walked the red carpet into the ballroom for a sit-down dinner service.

The night was hosted by Suzette and filled with events fit for the grand affair.  Stacey Bell-Gregory and Phillip Royes were the speakers.  Both spoke well and passionately regarding the family and bridging the generations.  A $1,250.00 scholarship was awarded to Brittany Fletcher and a $750.00 scholarship to Brandon Holmes.

During dinner service, various family members introduced themselves, introduced family members in their family line, and introduced all the people at their table.  There was also a segment where several children in the family each took “selfies” with all the people at different tables and posted them online.  Make sure that you visit the Royes Facebook group and the Royes Flickr account to see the pictures.

The oldest and youngest family members in attendance were recognized, as well as Edgar’s and Imogene’s bunch, the group that had the most siblings at the reunion (Eula, Eric, Evadne, Evette, Beverly and Paulet).  Did you know that 9 family members have attended all 11 reunions?  We recognized all 9 family members (Charles, Joyce, Winston, Joy, Lynette, Edwin, Cherry, Clarence and Carol) during the gala on Saturday.

After the gala program finished, the party started.  The Royes family loves to party and we danced the night away into the wee hours of the morning.  If you were there, you saw the longest Royes soca congo line in history.  At least 80 family members joined the soca line to “follow de leader.”

Photos can be seen on our Google Photos account.  Please add any missing ones that you have!


SUNDAY 7/30/2017

Church, religion and God are a must for the Royes family!  We had a wonderful church service on Sunday morning.  The room was packed.  Paulet delivered a powerful sermon and many family members, young and old, participated in the service.

A particularly emotional part of the service occurred with the passing of the charge.  Elder family members Eula, Elaine, Wesley, Millicent and Cherry (representing Charles) all lit a candle and symbolically passed the charge to the children while the song “Go light your world” was being played.

As the reunion came to an end, we all hugged and wished each other well.

Royes Family Reunion # 11 was a wonderful affair.  We enjoyed the weekend and enjoyed family.  Family and friends travelled from all over the United States and all over the world to attend.  Besides the microphone not being loud enough on Thursday night, the only thing that went wrong was Cheryll’s name being misspelled in the church program.

Thanks to all family members and friends who supported the reunion.  And thank you to those who did the little things to ensure a successful reunion.

A special thank you to the reunion chair Casey for all her work, efforts and dedication, and thanks to all the reunion committee members Valerie, Adrianne, Carol, Janice, Paulet, Neville, Suzette, Beverly and Chris for a job well done.

See you all at Royes Family Reunion # 12 in the Caribbean.  The early word is that reunion # 12 will be yet another “can’t-miss” event!

Don’t forget to send us any photos you may have of the various reunion events!

The Royes Reunion Planning Committee 2017


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  • August 11, 2017

    Wonderful,I’m sorry I could not attend, hopefully next year

    Oveda Royes
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