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Chris Patterson

This is my third term as President of Royes Family International. I live in South Florida with my wife Adrianne and our two daughters Marley and Paige. I am the son of Elaine and Lascelles Patterson, the grandson of Herman and Lynette Royes, and descended through the George Huntley Royes line. Let's all keep working together to keep the Royes family strong!

Carol Smith Royes

Vice President
This is my second stint as Vice-President of the Royes Family International Executive Board. I previously served two terms as General Secretary and one term as Caribbean Regional Leader. I became a member of the family when I married Clarence Royes in 1979. Clarence is the son of Herman Royes and is descended through the line of Adolphous Royes. I look forward to working with the 2017-2019 Executive in the interest of the Royes family.

Carol Campbell

It has been a pleasure serving my family on the executive board for the last 10 years.  I know my grandfather, Ogan Royes, would have been very proud to know that we are continuing the tradition of staying connected with each other.  I am happy to extend my knowledge as a seasoned banker in the US market, by being your Treasurer for the third consecutive term.  In addition to a very rewarding career as a banker, I love being Newton’s wife and mother to Khaim, Korii and Jayson.  I am also lucky enough to be the 1st daughter/child of Clifford ‘Wesley’ Royes.

Tarsha Luke

General Secretary

Tricia Royes de Jong

Communications & Correspondence Secretary
I am beginning my 5th consecutive term as the Communications and Correspondence Secretary, and I am responsible for communicating with the family, social media, the website, the family tree on, and the editing and publication of the newsletter. I am the daughter of Peter and Sonia Royes from Kingston, Jamaica, and the granddaughter of the late Ogan and Maud Royes of York Castle, Jamaica. I live in Delft, The Netherlands with my husband Erik.

Amanda Royes-Fox

Northeastern USA/Canada regional leader
I am excited to join the Royes Family Executive Committee as the North-eastern USA/Canada regional lead! My husband, Tim, and I live in Long Island City, NY and we look forward to building more relationships across the family in the North-eastern region. I've previously been on the Royes Scholarship committee for the past four years and look forward to this new role within the family. I am the daughter of Philip and Dolores Royes, granddaughter of Neville D. Royes and a descendant from the Adolphus line. 

Andre Royes

Caribbean regional leader
I am the proud son of Peter and Sonia Royes and grandson of Ogan and Maud Royes, descended through the line of Adolphus. I live and work in Kingston, Jamaica, where I own a car detailing business. My life experiences so far have reinforced for me the importance of family. I love and cherish our supportive family network, which makes it an absolute pleasure to serve Royes Family International as the Caribbean Regional Leader.

Suzette Maylor

Southeastern USA regional leader
Greetings Family! I am a "newbie" to the board and I am honored to serve as our US/Southern Region Leader. I am the granddaughter of Edgar and Imogene Royes, and the proud daughter of Beverley Royes-Maylor and my dad, more fondly known as "Uncle" Maylor. We are so very fortunate to come from such rich familial and cultural traditions! Not every family is so blessed and our ancestors gave us a beautiful example of how to live together in unity and in this busy world, we must be deliberate about staying connected. Contact me for any ideas of how we can get together outside of Family Reunions in the Southern Region! A little about me- I am an attorney, television host, and professional speaker, and whether I am hosting an event, speaking to group, conducting an interview or reporting a story, one thing you will learn about me is that I have passion for sharing and learning from the life experiences of others.

Michelle Smith-Hanniford

Europe/Australia/Asia regional leader
My name is Michelle Smith-Hanniford, and I am the granddaughter of Ogan and Maud Royes.  I live in London with my husband Pete Hanniford and children Bryan and David. I am a special needs teacher with over twenty years teaching experience. My hobbies include reading, singing and jewellery making. I am honoured to accept this role as Euro-Asia regional leader and will endeavour to do my best to continue building bridges within the region.

Bethany Clarkson-Morgan

Western USA regional leader
Hi family, my name is Bethany Clarkson-Morgan and I am married to Andy Morgan, son of Eula Breary, grandson of Imogene and Edgar Royes and great grandson of Adolphus Royes.  I will be serving as your Western United States Regional Chair over the next 2 years.  I am an engineer for BP and my current role I serve as the Upstream Assurance Lead.  I currently reside in Houston, TX with my husband Andy and our son Griffin Morgan aka ‘The Jamaican Phenom’ as he likes to be called.

Jensy Barrett

Central/South America regional leader
This is my second term serving as a regional leader for Central/South America.   I’m the daughter of Roberto Barrett and Dora Royes, granddaughter of Charles (Carlos) Royes.  I’m one of the descendants of the Royes who migrated and put down new roots in Costa Rica. My first term as part of the Royes Family committee was a blessing and I am sure that this second term will be too.  I am honored to participate in this journey during which we honour our heritage and join our efforts to help build stronger bonds between us.

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  • October 11, 2014

    Good morning,

    I am trying to find my mother’s siblings or family. Her name is Icilda Royes, she is the daughter of Percival Royes from st. Anns bay Jamaica. percival Royes died in February 1970 in st. Anns Bay. I believe Percival was born in 1918 based on my research.

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