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Reunion 2019 update #2 – Last call – 81 days to go!

Sunset at the Holiday Inn, Montego Bay
The Royes Family International on May 5, 2019 - 18:10 in Family news, Reunion 2019, Reunions

We are now only 81 days away from Reunion 2019 and by now you should have registered and paid.  If you haven’t registered or paid and you intend to be there you need to act NOW!  

All the rooms we  reserved have been taken, and we are now requesting additional rooms.  In order to determine how many additional rooms we need, we need you to register NOW!  

If we do not hear from you by May 15, we will assume you will not be joining us this time around (and will be very sad…).

If you’d like to check out the information about the reunion, check our website here.

Extended stays
There’s good news if you are interested in extending your stay at the hotel – we have negotiated a special rate for the period July 20 – 24 (pre reunion) and July 28 – 31 (post reunion)!  

The special rate for these pre and post reunion days is US $130.00per person per night (based on double occupancy). 

If you’d like to extend your stay, please do the following before May 15:

  1. send us an email telling us the dates of your extended stay 
  2. make the payment by check or PayPal (please add the 3.5% service charge if using PayPal, so it would be $134.55 per person per night based on double occupancy) 

The Reunion Committee will take care of the arrangements with the hotel on your behalf.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

See you in Montego Bay in July!
Reunion 2019 Planning Committee


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