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Message from the President – September 2016

The Royes Family International on September 5, 2016 - 20:25 in Family news, newsletter, Reunion 2017, Reunions

Three sisters watch the limbo and dance show from their seat close to the stage.  Long after the show has finished, they sit sipping on their drinks and listening to the waves crash on the beach about 25 feet or so from their table.  They talk about growing up in their little district in St. Ann, Jamaica, many years ago.  Even at this late hour, the sisters people watch and can’t stop talking about family and friends.

Four cousins look across the water and decide to row to the other side of the curved coastline.  From where they are, they calculate that it will take about 10 minutes to paddle to the other side.  So they rent 2 canoes and set off on their great adventure.  Forty minutes later they are still rowing to the other side.

The distance and time to row to the other side is much greater than the teen cousins expected.  Suddenly, one of the canoes capsizes.  After 5 frightening minutes, they are able to upright the canoe and get most of the water out.  Somewhat scared, they paddle back without ever getting to their destination.  This adventure is a bit too dangerous.

These lasting memories are from our most recent family reunion last year at the Jewel Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica.  And guess what?  The countdown is already on for our next family reunion.  In less than 11 short months, we will gather in Orlando, Florida for Royes Family Reunion # 11.

Are you ready?  If not, you better get ready and start planning now! Shortly you will receive reunion registration information by email.


At our last reunion in 2015, the hotel ran out of rooms.  There was also a price increase for those who did not register early.  Many who wanted to register (but were late in submitting their registration forms) ended up being left out.  Don’t get left out of this upcoming family reunion.  July 2017 will be here before you know it.  With the exciting Orlando location, this reunion is setting up to be one of our most enjoyable and memorable reunions.  It will be a “can’t-miss reunion” for kids and those of us who are kids at heart.

So start planning now for Royes Family Reunion #11 in Orlando, Florida.  Make sure that you request those vacation days for the last weekend in July 2017.  Start saving.  Make sure that you are there in Orlando to create your own lasting memories.

Remember that together we are strong!

Chris Patterson



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