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Message from The President, April 2016

The Royes Family International on April 13, 2016 - 20:34 in Family news, Family pledge, newsletter

As you may recall, the family voted at the Panama reunion to publish a financial report after each family reunion.  The reunion planning committee is charged with preparing the report.  I am delighted to report that Royes Family International has published its first ever family reunion financial report.

Carol Smith-Royes and the rest of the Jamaica family reunion planning committee have put together a detailed report that should serve well as a template for future reunion planning committees.  As you read through the report, feel free to ask questions about the report.  Your questions and feedback can only help to improve our reporting.

In our continued efforts to improve financial transparency, this report is a big step in that direction.  Family members should fully understand how funds paid to Royes Family International are used.

The board continues to lay the financial foundation of our organization that was started by previous boards.  In furtherance of that effort, I ask that each family member pay your 2016 annual family pledge in the amount of $10.00 as soon as possible.  Thanks to all those who have already paid.  A list of names of those who have paid so far can be found on page 4 of this newsletter.

The $10.00 family pledge is used to pay a myriad of family expenses including website maintenance fees, fees and annual corporate dues.  We will also start publishing a report each year detailing how the pledge funds are used.

Help to ensure our financial success!  Help to make sure that our financial future is bright!  Donate to the scholarship fund and pay your annual pledge now.  Remember that together we are strong!

Chris Patterson



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