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Donating to the Royes Scholarship Fund

The Royes Family International on November 22, 2020 - 14:12 in Education, Family news

The Royes Scholarship Fund has been awarding scholarships to our collegiate family members since 2009. It is truly a blessing to give a little assistance and encouragement to our young people as they pursue their academic aspirations and career goals.   

Our scholarship program is funded solely by generous and thoughtful contributions from our family members.  Every dollar collected goes towards the scholarships that are awarded to our students at each reunion. Procedurally, two students are selected by the scholarship committee based on academic performance, along with other criteria. We take pride in the fact that several of our past recipients have already completed their academic pursuits and are achieving great success in their career choices.  As more of our young people aspire to pursue their scholastic goals, we want to ensure they too can receive some financial assistance from the family. 

Over the years, scholarship awards have ranged from $500-$1500 per student. The amount awarded to a student is strictly based on the size of the scholarship fund. It is our desire to continue to jumpstart our family’s success by investing in their education, thus, we are appealing to all members of our family to make a contribution to the scholarship fund.

We are asking each family member to donate $10-$100 (or more if you can) toward the future of our young people. Additionally, we encourage each family member to become an annual contributor, to help ensure the sustainability of the scholarship fund. 

Donations can be made online through the PayPal link which can be found at  or if you are in the US, via Zelle through a participating bank, using your mobile phone number or your email address.  

If you prefer to mail your donation, checks should be made payable to The Royes Family and sent to: 

Royes Family International, Inc., PO Box 435, Malverne, NY 11565

With love and appreciation,

Joy Traille, PhD

Scholarship Committee Chair


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