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Bryan Washington is publishing a 2nd book!

The Royes Family International on October 16, 2020 - 18:48 in career, Family news, This & that

Bryan Washington, author of the hugely successful Lot: Stories, is about to publish his 2nd book!  

Memorial: A novel will be published on 27 October, and is described as “A funny and profound story about family in all its strange forms, joyful and hard-won vulnerability, becoming who you’re supposed to be, and the limits of love.” You can see more details on Amazon here.

Memorial has been named a most anticipated book of the season by the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Good Morning America, People, Time,  New York Magazine,  Buzzfeed, USA Today, Good Housekeeping and others. 

Excitingly, there is more great news – two weeks before its release by Riverhead, Bryan Washington’s Memorial has been acquired by A24 for television!

Congratulations, Bryan!


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