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Happy birthday, April babies!

The Royes Family International on March 31, 2019 - 18:42 in birthdays, Family news, upcoming birthdates

According to

April Birth Flower: Sweet Pea or Daisy

April Birth Stone: Diamond, Opal, Quartz, White Sapphire.

April Birth Zodiac Signs: Aries (Apr 1-19) and Taurus (Apr 20-30)

Compatible Birth Months: December, January, February, June and July

Personality traits of April born people:
April born people are charming, dynamic and caring. They are adventurous people, who are emotional and brave by nature. They love to seek attention and are always active and hasty. These people are usually generous and sophisticated. April people are generally friendly and helpful in life.

Here are the Royes birthdays in April:

3 – Tevin Pascoe

5 – Jake Marshall

6 – Nicole Royes Flores, Gerald Richards

7 РLenworth Trail, Christopher Royes, Xander Morgan

10 – Lauren Gregory

14 – John Luke

26 – Michelle Smith-Hanniford

29 –¬†Everard Anthony HammRoyes, Clay Alberto Hamm Royes

Make sure you wish them happy birthday on their big day!

P.S. – If your (or a family member’s) birthday is missing, click on the ‘comment’ button or send an e-mail to and let us know!


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