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An important update from Zachary Royes

The Royes Family International on April 19, 2021 - 20:07 in Family news, Health & wellness, This & that

Below is a very important message sent to you on behalf of Zachary Royes, who is the son of Paulet Royes and grandson of Edgar Royes.  You can read Zachary’s previous message here.

Just an update, yes I’m still doing dialysis every night for 9 hrs.

This November will make 4 years. I’m still thankful to God, He has been so good to me through this challenging time. Also let me again thank all the friends, family and those who I do not personally know that donated to my GoFundMe goal ( If I’m called by a transplant hospital I have funds for travel, operation costs, post care and medication.

I want to give a special thanks to those individuals who inquired to be a donor and those who started the process. I especially want to thank that person that went through the entire process only to find out at the very last step, he could not be a donor. I’m forever grateful to you all.

God, I lost my way for a time but you have shown me through this process that you are God and all things are possible. I can’t do things my way, I have to follow your way.

Here I am asking again with faith for someone to find it in their heart to donate one of their kidneys to me. I don’t take this ask lightly.

If you want to find out more information or you are considering donating please use this link:

My information is Zachary Aldyn Royes DOB:08/05/1982

They will provide you the basic information on the process of kidney donation and answer any questions. Everyone stay blessed.

GoFundMe link:

Thank you,


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